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What Makes Orthosnap Better?
What Makes Orthosnap Better?
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Bear with us, because this is a long one, but it's worth reading through.

It all starts with how it's made. Here at Orthosnap, we've developed and patented an entirely new way to manufacture clear aligners using, what we've dubbed, the Dynamic Physical Model System™ (DPM).

It's in the Details

Instead of 3D printing sets of models for each and every aligner step like every other brand, which leads to low-resolution models, we manufacture the entire set of Orthosnap precision aligners on one high-resolution die-epoxy model. This virtually indestructible material coupled with our Dynamic Physical Model System™ allows us to manipulate individual tooth movements to create aligners that preserve up to 2 microns of anatomy.

You may wonder how that is possible.

We appreciate the strides the other aligner brands have provided in dentistry—but we are also knowledgeable enough to understand the limitations these legacy brands have introduced with CAD-based software.

For instance, 3D printers are not capable of printing angles. Because of this, “steps” must be added to the aligner material. These steps cause visible striations that not only affect the transparency of aligners but cause an imperfect fit. 

Other brands aligners

Orthosnap Aligners

It's a difference you can see just by looking at our aligners compared to the others. Compare to most other brands that are manufacturing aligners to a specificity of 100 to 200 microns, Orthosnap precision aligners preserve an accuracy of 2 microns. An up-close view of our aligners shows incredibly detailed tooth anatomy.

This improvement extends to cases submitted as digital scans as well. Since we're manufacturing all the aligners on a single model, we can spend hours printing that model to a specificity of 25 microns, whereas, for another aligner brand, that level of precision would be cost-prohibitive because it would take days to make just one case using their systems. So while our aligners can achieve an incredible fit with PVS impressions, our aligners manufactured from scans also lead the industry by magnitudes on fit.

Better Biomechanics

Orthosnap aligners move teeth more efficiently and predictably because of this better fit. When forces are distributed more evenly on a greater portion of the tooth surface, we are also able to complete complex movements with fewer attachments. Movements such as extrusions, intrusions, arch expansions, and molar uprighting and distalization are more predictably performed as the aligner fit improves.

This leads to fewer tracking issues and also means that if we try to expand an arch, we're not just flaring the teeth. Orthosnap aligners are achieving full body translational movements.

Treatment Plans

The next pillar of Orthosnap's key features is how we treatment plan and move teeth. When you get a treatment plan from Orthosnap it will be intelligently designed by an Orthosnap trained Dentist or Orthodontist. We apply stepwise activated movements with anchorage and layering protocols to achieve the most efficient treatment plan.

Unlike many algorithmic approaches to clear aligner treatment planning, our strategic approach only moves 2-3 teeth per quadrant, once every 2-3 steps. This means that even with a 7-day wear cycle, we're retaining many teeth for nearly 2-3 weeks between movements, reducing the concern for root resorption.

Responsive Clinical Support

We take the relationship between the Provider and our Clinical Team to be the most important feature of working with Orthosnap. Our customer support team is available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems 24/7 while our clinical team is here to help you through one on one consultations to guide you to treatment success.

Getting started with Orthosnap is incredibly easy and affordable. Unlike other brands that charge expensive fees for courses and equipment, Orthosnap has no startup fees. All you need is some impressions, clinical photos, radiographs, and a workup to get started on your first clinical consultation.

We've made it completely free to submit cases for evaluation. Our Ortho-led clinical team is available to walk you through the pros, cons, strategies, techniques, and complexities of any patient case you submit.

Batch Ordering

We use a batch ordering system which creates many benefits for the practice and patient and saves you money. First, since we're sending batches of 5-10 aligners at a time, you're not stuck with a huge bill for a case that's going to take many months, if not years to recoup your investment. You can start your first 5 steps for as little as $450!

Plus, if a patient decides to vacate treatment or if you have a major tracking issue, you're not left with a bunch of aligners you can't use and have to throw out. Orthosnap's manufacturing process plus our batch ordering system is more agile and much friendlier for the environment as well.

Reducing Refinements

I mentioned earlier how Orthosnap aligners reduce the likelihood of tracking issues since we're only moving each tooth once every 2-3 steps. This means that the next aligner can pick up and correct a particular tracking issue before it gets worse. The other huge benefit of the batch ordering system is that if a tracking issue starts to grow over a couple of steps, we can catch the issue and correct it in the treatment plan before moving on to the next batch.

So instead of tacking on month after month of refinements on the back end, Orthosnap manufactures the next batch of aligners according to the updated treatment plan, and the treatment length only experiences a mild delay. This is all to say that Orthosnap's unique approach can save you an incredible amount of chair time and headaches.

Made in the USA

We've been making our aligners right here in New York since 2010 and have delivered over 1,000,000 aligners since then. In the last couple of years, we've grown to over 1700 active providers. And sure it feels good to work with an American-made product but the real advantage to working with a company that manufactures here in the USA is 2 week shipping time!

Waiting for new aligners to arrive in the mail can really slow down treatment, cause compliance issues, and damage the doctor-patient relationship. Orthosnap will help you get your treatment started quickly and changes to the treatment plan happen quickly, helping you finish clear aligner therapy more efficiently than ever.

Dental Monitoring® Included FREE

We've partnered with Dental Monitoring® to offer our providers the best in remote patient monitoring technology, absolutely free. With each case you receive from Orthosnap, included in your purchase your patient will receive the Dental Monitoring home scanning device and weekly remote monitoring. Each week, the patient will scan their teeth and their platform will monitor over 130 conditions such as compliance, tracking, oral hygiene, cracked aligners, and more.

With Dental Monitoring integrated, you can identify and intercept issues remotely mid-treatment, then adapt the treatment plan before you start the next batch of aligners. This optimizes your chair time because it means most of your patient documentation is happening while the patient is at home, automatically. So by the time they actually come in for an appointment, you can focus on what matters, patient satisfaction and progress.

In one study, Dental Monitoring® reduced chair time on average by 23% compared to patients who were not monitored.

Patients who live far and patients who travel often can maintain continuous oversight of their treatment. Your team can deliver timely notifications to boost compliance, troubleshoot issues, and keep care progressing all through an intelligent and easy-to-use platform.

Our Guarantee on Refinements

If your patient is using Dental Monitoring and we can establish patient compliance via their weekly scans, we, Orthosnap, do not charge for any refinements that may be needed to achieve the original treatment plan. That’s our guarantee to you.

If your patient isn't scanning and/or isn't compliant, you now have a record of their non-compliance and can decide if it would be appropriate to shift financial responsibility for any continuation of treatment beyond the original plan on them.

An Offer Too Good to Refuse

We're offering new providers a $500 credit to try Orthosnap in their practice. All we ask is that you complete a clinical call before proceeding. That will more than cover your first batch and let you see the power of high-precision aligners.

In addition, our user-friendly system has a minimal learning curve and is perfect for dentists just starting in orthodontics.

This is just the beginning

We've got a lot of exciting new developments in the pipeline: new partnerships, new courses & content, and new technology that will continue to drive a better experience for doctors and patients. Our mission is to empower every dentist to create beautiful smiles for each patient, through innovative technology, world-class support, and affordable care.

Join us on this journey to build better smiles.

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