After a treatment is decided on and started, keeping the treatment, and patient, on course is necessary for effective treatment. This is not always easy and there are certain variables that one needs to keep in mind to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Some discrepancies can be caught easily, in the beginning of a treatment plan.  Where, others can only be found after the patient is further along in a treatment plan.

Avoiding these discrepancies is not always difficult.  With an accurate impression submission and comprehensive notes when submitting a new case.

Furthermore, our treatment plan, is clear and intuitive enough to see and make necessary adjustments before any discrepancies surfaces.

Luckily, OrthoSnap's clear aligner systems are effective enough to provide full body movement.  This means that our plan may include expansion to allow for room and the correct tooth movement without an excess amount of IPRs., attachments and extractions. Reducing the need for case revision.

OrthoSnap's clear aligner process reduces the amount of case revisions necessary for treatment completion. A verification key is included early and often in the treatment plan to support patient compliance and help the doctor stay on top of the treatment, especially during moderate and complex cases with long treatment plans and more opportunity for a discrepancy.

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