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Lost or Broken Aligners: What to do
Lost or Broken Aligners: What to do
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If you have patients with Orthosnap clear aligners or retainers, you can expect to see some lost or broken aligners.

Regardless of the reason, the patient needs a replacement.

How to Replace Lost or Broken Aligners

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Guidance to Patients

Advise your patients to call you right away if they lose or break an aligner. Many patients have been known to keep quiet and just advance to the next step. While this may seem like the easiest solution, it’s not a good idea.

Advancing to the next step too soon can alter the treatment timeline or cause oral damage.

If a patient is at the end of a step, they may be able to go ahead and move to the next set. However, this is a decision only you, as the treating doctor, can make after evaluating the patient.

Prevention is the Best Solution

Patients love the convenience of removing aligners, but they can easily get into trouble with this. Educate your patients on the importance of always having their aligner case with them so they can safely store them when they’re out of their mouths. 

It may sound like an inconvenience to carry the case around, but aligners are not meant to be put in pockets, wrapped in napkins, or left on the dashboard. 

When you have this conversation with your patient, also let them know you won’t scold them if they do need a replacement. It can be an embarrassing thing for some patients to admit, and you don’t want them to hesitate to call if something happens. 

Also, inform your patients about the importance of not putting anything in their mouths while wearing aligners. Eating or chewing gum can easily break or damage them. And while it is okay to drink water while wearing aligners, hot beverages can warp them, and colored or sugary drinks can crack or discolor them. 

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