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Revising a Treatment Plan
Revising a Treatment Plan
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There are 2 situations that might indicate the need to revise a treatment plan.

Before Tx Plan Approval

If the doctor is asking for revisions to the treatment before treatment is approved, they might make adjustments based on patient needs, profile, and doctor's preferences to achieve an optimal outcome and experience.

The doctor is advised to reject the treatment plan that is sent to them. They will then be prompted to propose revisions then.

Mid Treatment Revision

If the doctor is asking for revisions to the treatment plan mid-treatment because the patient is not tracking, this will occur because the discrepancy between the treatment plan and desired outcomes is widening.

In this case, the doctor is advised to

  • Take new impressions or scans

  • Send them to Orthosnap

  • And we'll send out the next batch, manufactured to adjust for the tracking issues experienced previously.

The doctor may identify this or it may be picked up in the weekly remote patient scans from Dental Monitoring. Or the patient might self-identify a tracking issue by explaining that the aligners aren't fitting like they used to.

As the patient gets to the end of their current batch, in the portal when ordering a new batch, you will be prompted if you're sending new impressions and any special instructions to indicate the tracking issue.

How to Describe the Revision

Describe any issues or problems you are experiencing with the treatment plan. Give as many details as possible. 

For example: 

  • A tooth that isn’t rotating as planned

  • Backtracking 

  • An aligner is too tight

  • Incisional gaps

  • Tight contacts

  • Noncompliant patient

Be specific with requests, such as:

  • Attachments that do not appear to be doing their job

  • If you want overcorrection

  • If you desire to add an attachment

Also, please note any troubleshooting you have already tried for tracking issues and let us know at what step the patient went off track.

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