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OrthoSnap Clear Aligners were invented by Dr. Yan Pogorelsky to address the shortcomings of the systems currently on the market. OrthoSnap utilizes clear, transparent FDA-approved materials in the manufacture of its aligners. 

The OrthoSnap Clear Aligner System gradually shift teeth toward a final, predetermined position in a patient’s mouth, dramatically transforming smiles while giving patients the freedom to lead a normal life.

OrthoSnap Clear Aligners System has been awarded three individual US patents and registered with the FDA. In the first three years, OrthoSnap conducted clinical and market trials with over 2,000 cases, which demonstrated its superior effectiveness and possibilities for a broader application in a wider variety of clinical scenarios. 

A patented manufacturing process allows to reduce the cost of the product by more than thirty percent (30%), while retaining flexibility and sophistication needed for some of the more difficult clinical cases, which are outside the capabilities of our competitors.

OrthoSnap is a full-service aligner manufacturer offering technical support and training, free of charge to its customers, and the OrthoSnap Clear Aligner System is available world wide through participating dental providers. OrthoSnap corporation's headquarters, full-scale manufacturing facility, and training facility are located in Westbury, NY.

Learn more about the OrthoSnap patented process here.


Meet Dr. Yan Pogorelsky

Dr. Pogorelsky earned his dental degree and served his internship at Third Medical and Dental Institute of Moscow in the General Dentistry Program. There, the doctor was presented with many complex cases, the level of which was greater than that which he sees in his US patients. What is considered a mid-level complexity case in the US would be an average case in Moscow. His experience in managing complex dental treatment plans created a foundation of expertise that led Dr. Pogorelsky to create OrthoSnap in such a way that it can address malocclusal cases that other clear aligner products cannot treat.

To advance his education in the States, Dr. Pogorelsky has studied CAD/CAM engineering and virtual modeling, as well as business management and administration. He was founder and president of BioGuard, Inc. in Miller Place, NY and AXIS Dental Laboratory, in Brooklyn, NY. Today, the doctor is founder and CEO of OrthoSnap Corp. in Westbury, NY.

Dr. Pogorelsky has authored many publications on dental alignment and one on air pollution diagnostics. He has also spoken multiple times at the Dental EXPO Meeting in Moscow, and at City Hospital Specializing in Dentistry #4, also in Moscow. 

Dr. Yan Pogorelsky

Founder and CEO of OrthoSnap Corp. in Westbury, NY.

Dr. Pogorelsky’s US-based speaking engagements have included The Big Apple Expo in NY, and the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting, where he presented “Five Shades of Clear – Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of Various Clear Aligners."

What Makes OrthoSnap Different?

Most clear orthodontic aligner trays are similar in the way they are fabricated and worn. OrthoSnap was created to address the shortcomings of systems on the market today.

In over 2,000 cases, clinical market trials found that OrthoSnap demonstrated superior effectiveness for a broader application—in a wider variety of scenarios—than clear aligner systems currently on the market. Therefore, cases that would normally not be eligible for treatment with clear aligners are often acceptable OrthoSnap cases.

Cost of treatment is lower than expected, as well, by approximately 30% over competing products. OrthoSnap does not require digital scans or 3D imaging, nor are doctors subject to proprietary classes and certifications. A general dentist’s office is equipped with everything that’s necessary for offering OrthoSnap to patients. No special complexity or training is required of the dentist or staff.

Furthermore, with OrthoSnap, patients do not need extractions or IPRs. Treatment plans allow for moving individual teeth, instead of all teeth at once, so sufficient space is created for all teeth. In addition to making treatment more affordable, the absence of extractions and IPRs from treatment planning also makes OrthoSnap a minimally invasive option. This is an extremely beneficial point to many patients.

While OrthoSnap offers a wider treatment range, is a minimally invasive treatment, and comes with a lower cost than competing products, the company is a full-service manufacturer. OrthoSnap provides doctors with technical support and training, as necessary. OrthoSnap’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are in Westbury, NY.

• Complete treatment takes less time than traditional orthodontics

• Complete treatment tales less time than other clear aligner systems, in most cases

• Can treat complex cases that aren’t eligible for other clear aligner systems

• No extractions or IPRs

• No metal wires, brackets, or rubber bands – or related mouth sores and broken wires

• No tightening appointments – or related mouth aches• No dietary restrictions – remove while eating

• Easy to clean and care for teeth and aligners

• Virtually invisible

• Removable

• Comfortable

• Affordable and eligible for insurance and HSA

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