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How to Care for Your Clear Aligners
How to Care for Your Clear Aligners
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Maintenance of your clear aligners during treatment is imperative

Here's how to ensure proper care of your clear aligners:

1. Rinse regularly.

To avoid saliva build up on your retainer, make sure to use cool water to rinse your aligner once you remove them. 

2. Clean in cool water.

To avoid damaging your clear aligners with unnecessary heat, remember to only use cool water.

3. Keep good oral hygiene. Brush and floss before you wear them.

While on clear aligner treatment, don't ignore your usual oral health.  It is necessary to make time to brush and floss like you would normally.

4. Clean with soap only.

In order to keep your clear aligner clear and effective, only clean with antibacterial soap.

5. Use clear aligner cleaner.

If you want to soak your clear aligner, only use suitable clear aligner cleaner. Mouthwash is not recommended and can damage your aligner.

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