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How to Use The Origin Aligner
How to Use The Origin Aligner
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What is the Origin Aligner?

The origin aligner (aka Step #0) is made at the time of the initial fabrication and contains no teeth movements. It matches the starting state of the patient's teeth.

How is it Used?

The origin aligner retainer allows the patient to become familiar with inserting and removing the aligner without impact on the teeth.

The model and aligner can be used together to demonstrate the proper insertion path and removal of the aligner with the patient chair-side.

The doctor can use this aligner as a comparison to the patient's teeth before treatment to demonstrate progress.

It can also be used to validate that the subsequent aligners were manufactured properly from the correct origin. If the origin fits, you can move forward with treatment.

Here is a video that illustrates how the Doctor can use the Origin Model and Origin Aligner to ensure fit and insertion:

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