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From a doctor's perspective, keeping a patient compliant through the entire treatment can be a significant concern regarding clear aligner treatment. Unlike traditional orthodontics, the patient has the ability to have a great smile in a discreet manner but need to make sure they are following the dentist's recommendations.  This is not always done well or done at all.

The start of the treatment can be considered one of the most vital conversations the dentist has with their patient. The conversation should include the aligners' care, safe removal from the mouth and correct insertion path.

Why? The aligners can wear improperly or even break if the patient decides to recklessly (or maybe unknowingly incorrectly) remove their aligners from their mouth.  This increases the treatment time and presents other frustrations.

So, how does the "Three-Step Start" reduce treatment times, reduce frustrations and make the dentist more money?

First, the doctor can use the Origin aligner and Origin model to proactively check the fit. This ensure that the aligner fits, the patient understands how to insert their aligners and gives the doctor a record of the progress for the case.

Next, the doctor will automatically receive the first three steps (#1-#3) shipped to their practice. The patient and doctor then have a month and a half of treatment to decide to continue on with the treatment.  The order for the continuation should happen after 30 days. We would suggest have a check-in visit before that time to ensure your patient is following your recommendations.

Then, you know the patient is comfortable with the aligner and is in full compliance before going forward with the treatment. The doctor, depending on their comfort level is now free to order any number of treatment steps they feel appropriate.

Later, there is a chance the patient will let their discipline subside!  It is the doctor's prerogative to schedule their patients on a monthly schedule, track their progress and order treatment continuations as they see fit.

Lastly, each 8th step comes with a verification key. This key further supports the doctor's check-in schedule and quality of the treatment outcome. 

This simple, yet powerful, first presentation to the patient allows doctor's to make more money from the treatment, simplifies patient compliance and ultimately results in a happy patient and an excellent treatment outcome!

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