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Orthosnap also provides an Origin Model of your patient’s teeth that we poured from the impressions. This is an original cast model and matches the starting state of the patient's teeth.

Orthosnap sends you an Origin Aligner (Step #0) set of initial clear aligners which was produced at the time of the initial pouring of the model. The aligner contains no teeth movements but does include attachments if needed for treatment.

Q1: What is the benefit of the origin model before the treatment?

A1: With this origin model, the doctor has a comparison to the patient's teeth before treatment.

Q2: What is the benefit of the origin model during the treatment?
A2: It can be used as a useful comparison to demonstrate progress that the doctor and the patient see during the treatment.

Q3: How can the doctor use the Origin Aligner?
A3: The doctor can use the Origin Aligner retainer to allow the patient to wear the aligner and get used to how they feel when they are being worn without additional impact on the teeth.

Q4: How can the patient use the Origin Aligner?
A4: The patient can practice inserting and removing the aligner to further familiarity with the aligners and avoid breaking them.

Q5: How does the Origin Model and Origin Aligner work together?
A5: The model and aligner can be used together to demonstrate the proper insertion path and removal of the aligner with the patient chair-side.

Also, the initial model can demonstrate to the patient that the aligners fit and can illustrate the proper insertion path.

Here is a video that illustrates how the Doctor can use the Origin Model and Origin Aligner to ensure fit and insertion:

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