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How to schedule a clinical consultation
How to schedule a clinical consultation
Getting help to discuss a case, treatment plan, and patient progress
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We are always available to answer your questions and supporting you is our number one priority. If you ever get stuck with a difficult case, or have questions about a treatment plan, we are here to help!

Scheduling a clinical consultation is easy, and we encourage you to do so as often as you like. You simply go to the Patient Case record in your portal, and in the upper right, you will always see an Actions menu, and sometimes you will also see an "Approving Options" menu if the case is waiting to be approved:

Under either the Actions menu, or the "Approving Options", you can schedule a Clinical Consultation:

And then you can select the date/time that works best for you, as well as help us prepare with any specific discussion topics.

We look forward to speaking with you on your next clinical consultation call!

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