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Dental Monitoring® x Orthosnap Partnership
Dental Monitoring® x Orthosnap Partnership
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Orthosnap is proud to announce that we have partnered with Dental Monitoring® to offer their remote patient monitoring technology included with every Orthosnap case.

The device consists of a ScanBox and smartphone app that enables your patient to scan their teeth from anywhere. This provides your practice with weekly insight into over 130 different measurements to boost engagement and compliance.

Watch this video to learn more about the incredible benefits of using Dental Monitoring with Orthosnap clear aligners:

How it Works

Patients use their own smartphone camera, cheek retractor tube, and a mobile app, and are guided to take regular scans of their teeth prior to switching aligners.

The images are automatically checked for conditions like tracking, missing attachments, seating issues, cracked aligners, and hygiene. The doctor and Orthosnap are then alerted of any issues and can communicate instantly with the patient.

We’ll set a default 7-day scanning interval but that can be modified by you if needed.

Benefits to the Patient:

  • Boost wear compliance with progress tracking

  • Intercept and intervene immediately when issues arise

  • Portal for communications on clinical guidance

  • Shorter treatment time

  • Consistency for patients who live remotely

Benefits to the Practice:

  • Reduce chair time by 40-60%

  • Spend less chair time on routine issues

  • Eliminate surprises at patient visits

  • Build trust with your patients

  • Reduce refinements by up to 90%

How much does it cost?

As of February 27, 2023, Orthosnap is proud to announce that all cases now include Dental Monitoring for FREE, including the monthly monitoring subscription fee.

How to get started

On your next clinical call, we’ll give you an overview of Dental Monitoring® and the corresponding workflow to enroll your patient. But, you can also check out our next help center article on getting started and enrolling your patients here:

Here is a video of what the Patient experience is like to use the scan box:

Want to get started? Schedule a call with us, and check out more information below:

For even more resources including marketing materials for your office, posters, podcasts, videos, and more, visit this resource center:

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