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Planning the First Patient Visit with Dental Monitoring®
Planning the First Patient Visit with Dental Monitoring®
Steps to Guide your Workflow
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Planning and strategizing for your first patient visit is key to a smooth experience with Dental Monitoring®. While the technology is fairly simple to use, you'll want to ensure your entire dental team is comfortable guiding the patient's first scan so that there's no guesswork when they get home.

When to Schedule the Patient

You can schedule the patient when the aligners are received or even as early as when they are marked as shipped in the Orthosnap portal (leaving yourself some lead time to receive them).

Equipment Needed:

We’ll send the Dental Monitoring kit with the patient’s first set of aligners.

  • Orthosnap Patient Box with the patient's aligners

  • Dental Monitoring® ScanBox

  • An insert with Dental Monitoring® instructions

  • A patient handheld mirror

FIRST, ensure your patient has

  • Received the activation email

  • Downloaded the Dental Monitoring mobile app

  • THEN, has clicked on the link in the activation email to auto log-in to their account

NEXT, your team should access the patient's profile from your portal and click "Start Monitoring"

THEN, help the Patient set notifications ON in the app

Remember, the key to great results is compliance and notifications build habits.

Help the patient take his/her first scan in the office

Finally, provide these at-home instructions

  • Take your scan on the last day of the wear schedule.

  • After the scans have been uploaded, wait for instructions on how to proceed.

  • If the message is a “Go Notification”, you can then switch to the next step.

  • If the message is a “No-Go Notification”, follow the instructions from the Dental Monitoring team (whether to keep wearing their current aligners, use of chewies, etc.).

Here is a sample script you can use to communicate the benefits of Orthosnap to your patients:

"For our treatment to be successful, it is absolutely necessary to monitor your progress.

To achieve this, we have two options:

1) You can come into the office for us to manually check, or

2) We can utilize Dental Monitoring which is an app that we have you download on your phone so that you can scan your teeth and trays with this scanning box before you change your trays.

This cuts down on the number of visits that you need to make in person here at the office and increases the information that we have on your progress. It also allows us to curate our treatment to your body’s physiology as opposed to using an arbitrary number of days, thus allowing us real time adaptations to increase the quality of your care.

It’s simple and takes just a few minutes each week, ultimately giving us a quicker and more efficient outcome."

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