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Orthosnap + Dental Monitoring®
Getting Started & Enrolling Patients in Dental Monitoring®
Getting Started & Enrolling Patients in Dental Monitoring®
Technical setup instructions
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Orthosnap's Dental Monitoring® integration is available to all Orthosnap customers, included in the patient's treatment.

Enrolling the Doctor in Dental Monitoring®

As an Orthosnap provider, your practice will be automatically enrolled. If you haven't already discussed Dental Monitoring as part of another clinical call, please schedule an overview call with us to get oriented.

On this call, we will walk you through best practices to integrate Dental Monitoring into all your future Orthosnap cases.

You will then receive an email instructing you to set up a new password for future use on the Dental Monitoring site.

Enrolling a Patient in Dental Monitoring®

When a treatment plan is ready for approval, you will be directed to the Orthosnap doctor's portal. From there you will be prompted to approve or reject a treatment plan.

You will then be asked if you would like to add Dental Monitoring to the patient's case. Please click "Send".

On the day of insertion, when you'll walk your patient through device setup and their first scan, you must click "start monitoring" back in the Orthosnap portal.

Check out our next help article for guidance on the first patient visit.

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