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Tracking Patient Progress in Dental Monitoring®
Tracking Patient Progress in Dental Monitoring®

How to view and evaluate the data input

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As patients submit their weekly remote scans, the Orthosnap team will monitor the progress to troubleshoot issues. These scans will provide you with a detailed view of each patient's progress and compliance.

Log into the Dental Monitoring portal here to get started

From the dashboard, you will be able to see patients who are being monitored and patients who are not currently being monitored:

Click on any particular patient who is currently being monitored for access to their record of scans. The green circles represent scans that resulted in "go" instructions, while the red squares represent scans that resulted in "no go" instructions.

If you scroll down, you'll be able to gain insights from observations seen at each scan:

If your patients have sent you a message, it will be visible in your inbox. Once you've reviewed and responded to the message, you can mark the message as "reviewed"

The team at Orthosnap will also be tracking and monitoring the progress and messages from Dental Monitoring.

Take a tour of the Dental Monitoring portal with your dental practice team to familiarize everyone with remote patient monitoring.

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