Completing a Case
How to finish and close a completed case
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When the final steps have been completed for each case, it will remain in open status for 30 days, and then move to "Completed" in your portal.

You can then find it in the "Archive" tab, and can also search by name or ID.

We recommend performing the following within 45 days of the last step being worn:

  1. Review the final Dental Monitoring scan

  2. Schedule a final clinical evaluation to take photos/records

  3. If additional work is desired, consult with the patient to continue the treatment and create a continuation order with new impressions (digital or PVS) and a prescription of the additional work needed

  4. If the result is satisfactory, we recommend discussing a retention system with your patient.

If you wish to order Orthosnap retainers, you can place retainer orders.

Although orthodontics is never truly finished, it is important to come to an agreement, both contractually and financially, with your patient when the case is closed or where any additional work would be covered in a new case.

If you need guidance on any particular case or setting your general policies, schedule a clinical call today with a member of the Orthosnap team.

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