How to Cancel a Case

Ending treatment early

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If you have created a case in the portal and the patient did not accept treatment and has decided not to proceed, you may cancel the case.

This situation may also arise if the patient has abandoned the treatment and has not had either a Dental Monitoring scan, or a verified aligner step fitting in the past 45 days, or responded to your office's normal protocol.

By canceling the case, it will move to the Archive tab and you can still search for it. Note that canceling the case will also cancel any in-progress orders.

In the portal

In your doctor portal, you have 2 ways to indicate that a case is no longer active. Both ways will remove it from your main dashboard and can help keep the dashboard clean. We recommend that you go through your patient list at least annually (or more often if you have a lot of patients) to ensure you only see active patients.

If the patient wishes to restart

Please note that a new case will need to be created if and when the patient wishes to restart because their starting point and treatment plan will be different from the abandoned case.

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