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How Orthosnap Drives Profit for Dental Practices
How Orthosnap Drives Profit for Dental Practices
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Orthodontic treatment is an appealing offering for any dental practice, but the high cost of traditional braces and the limited options for affordable treatment can be a barrier for patients.

Orthosnap is changing the game for dental practices by offering an affordable, efficient, and effective alternative. In this article, we'll explore how Orthosnap can drive profit for dental practices and why it's an excellent option for patients.

Orthosnap's batch ordering system allows dentists to pay as they go, reducing the financial burden on practices. The treatment is also more efficient thanks to our unique treatment plan protocols and the types of movements at each step. Additionally, Orthosnap's model is engineered to reduce refinements, and the use of dental monitoring further reduces chair time. All of these factors contribute to Orthosnap being a more affordable and efficient option for both the dental practice and the patient.

Many aligner brands charge over $1600 for an average case, and often over $2000 for comprehensive treatment. That means the end price to the patient will be significantly higher than they may be able to afford. Some patients resort to DTC brands in order to address their orthodontic needs.

In comparison to other dentist-directed clear aligner brands, Orthosnap starts with a simple and low cost per aligner. We also have no startup or membership fees, making it a more cost-effective option for patients. Additionally, unlike other aligner brands, Orthosnap doesn't require patients to pay upfront for the entire treatment, which can be a significant financial burden.

A comparison chart can be provided to show the cost differences between Orthosnap and other brands like Invisalign. By offering Orthosnap as an option, practice owners can provide quality care without having to charge high prices that may be unaffordable for some patients.

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have become increasingly popular in recent years, but their outcomes are often poor because there's no oversight or guidance from a dental professionals. Treatment is rarely comprehensive, and patients are often left spending more money to correct the issues that arise from the lack of professional oversight. And stilll, with average costs around $2000 for care.

Orthosnap is lowering the barrier to care for many patients by offering an affordable solution that keeps the dental professional in the picture. By offering Orthosnap as an option, practices can attract more patients who may have been hesitant to seek orthodontic treatment due to the cost.

Additionally, because Orthosnap's treatment is more efficient, it allows dentists to see more patients, increasing revenue for the practice.

Orthosnap is an excellent option for dental practices looking to provide quality care at an affordable price. By offering Orthosnap as an option, practices can attract more patients and increase revenue while still prioritizing quality of care and outcomes above all else. With Orthosnap, everyone wins - the practice, the dentist, and most importantly, the patient.

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