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Dental Monitoring Instructions for Patients
Dental Monitoring Instructions for Patients
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Dental Monitoring (DM) is an AI-powered remote monitoring app that scans your teeth to help improve the management of your orthodontic clear aligner treatment. Scans taken with the app are processed and trigger instructions based on the detected observations.

App Setup Instructions:

  1. In your email inbox, you will be sent an invitation to download the Dental Monitoring App.

  2. Open the invitation email on your smartphone and follow the instructions.

  3. On the invitation email, click on the activation link. This link will open your DM App and log you in.

  4. Allow notifications (mandatory) to be informed when a scan is due and when you receive an instruction or direct message.

Before You Scan:

  • Clean your hands and the Cheek Retractor Tube before each scan.

  • Take your scan in front of a mirror in a well-lit room with a clean surface.

Taking Your Scan:

  • From the Home tab, tap on ‘Start Scan’ to enter the Scan Assistant

  • The app will prompt you with a few questions in a pre-scan checklist. Select ScanBox pro.

  • Mount your smartphone onto the DM ScanBox

  • Confirm the aligner number you will be taking your scan with.

  • Click on ‘Start Scan’

  • Follow the instructions. Looking at your phone's screen in a mirror while you take your Scan will enable you to see what your camera sees.

  • To start a step, double tap on your phone’s screen.

  • As you hear the sound of your camera, start moving your ScanBox following the speed of the gauge on your smartphone's screen. Moving too fast will cause a blur.

  • Your movement should be wide from ear-to-ear to ensure all your teeth are scanned.

  • Remove the Check Retractor Tube and review the scan. If the pictures do not match the description provided in the app, you can select ‘Retake this step’

  • If all steps are performed successfully, press ‘Send Scan’

For more information on Dental Monitoring, check out their site for patients:

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