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Special Instructions When Creating a Case
How Do I Start a New Case?

Introduction to the portal ( )

Doctor Portal is the main tool to manage all your cases, communicate, get notification and make the payments as well.

Order Calendar
This is where you see which orders are delivered when in order to schedule your patients appointments
This is where you can see all your cases Find information and check the status of previous and new order of those cases
This is where you can see all your shipment that's on your way to and from Orthosnap
Find your invoices and statements and make a payment

Find your payment details

Login to the portal

For access to the doctor portal you have to use the Login and Password you received. If you don't have a username and password, please email us at  with your name and practice name so we can help you log in.
(Link to access to the portal: )

Home screen

After you login to the portal you see the home screen.

From Home Screen you can get access to all main features:

    -  Cases    
    -  Shipping    
    -  Invoices   
    - Payments

You can easily return to this screen from any section of the portal just click to “ Orthosnap logo"

Enter a new case

To enter a new case you choose “Add Case” on the Home Page:

You will need to input the following information to create a case:

      1. Patient First and Last name
    3. Upper, Lower or both arches
    4. Product Types (New Patient, Continuation of treatment and etc. see “Product Types”)

- Rx Form

5. Clinical Photos ( you need to upload patients pretreatment intraoral and extra oral photos )

6. Other files ( STL /3D scan file if you have any)

- Treatment Condition:

7. Existing Complications ( Implants, Ankylosis, Impacted, Unerupted, DoNotMove, unselect- you can select individual tooth and label them if they have any such complication, If you select by mistake you can unselect them by the last option)

8. Condition (Include / Exclude - If you have any of these situation that you want Orthosnap to address then drag that to the include box, if you want that condition to leave alone then drag them into the exclude box)

9 . Rx Note : Additional ( write down if there is anything else that you want to share with orthosnap about your patients )

10. IPR (Intra Proximal Reduction ) - If you prefer IPR for that particular cases you can select either Allowed or minimum.

11. Planned wear schedule : You can select either 14days, 7days or 10 days.
12. If you are planning to do any extraction you can select that tooth in the chart, to deselect you need to double click that tooth number.

13. Number of Step start : You can choose to start with 3steps / 5 steps/ 10 steps or any other number as you want. By default Orthosnap start manufacturing with 3step at the start .

14. If you are sending any impressions, Models, and Bite Registrations add the numbers over here.

15. Once you fill out all those information click save on the bottom right corner.

About Product Types :

You have to select an option from the drop down menu:

    - New Patient Evaluation for regular cases with Impressions

- Retainer ( once the case is finished and you are requesting retainer for that case)

- Pre-Evaluation - if you are submitting photo to provide you and rough estimate for that cases.

If this is Continuation of Treatment : choose
    - Continuation - New Impressions
       If new impression are needed or requested for next steps of treatment

    - Continuation - Existing Impressions
       if you confirmed case is tracking and lab can use current model for next steps


Shipping :

Here is where you can find all current and previous order and their status, you can also track your shipment by using the tracking number.
To Orthosnap - we are waiting delivery of enclose items from doctor.
To Offices - Orthosnap already shipped those order to the Doctors address.


When you select Invoices, you can see all the invoices for any orders that have completed manufacturing (invoices only appear once we have finished the order).
If you are looking for a specific invoice, you can search by patient name in the search field in the upper right of the screen.  

When you have a lot of invoices, you may find it helpful to use the Filter button. As you can see below, this allows you to choose a date or date range while choosing whether to view paid or unpaid invoices.
Statement include all cases (invoices) per month:


To make a new payment you have to click on green button “New Payment”
If this is your first payment you have to add Credit card to your account.

You can choose “invoices” or “statements” you want to pay In the Payments section, you can review any payments made to your account, including the date, amount, and the type of payment.

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