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How to Send Impressions to Orthosnap... Correctly 🙃
How to Send Impressions to Orthosnap... Correctly 🙃
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The key to Orthosnap's precision starts with good impressions, so if you need a refresher, please start here: How to Take Perfect Impressions

Got your perfect impressions ready? Let's walk through printing a shipping label.

First, log on to the portal

Then, pull up the patient for whom you've created a case

Print a Shipping Label

After you create a case you will need to create to print a shipping label

Admin Rx 

Admin Rx is a main document for Orthosnap to receive, match and enclose  patient impressions to the case.

Every impressions and bite registration should be packed together (for example, box or bag) and is attached with Admin RX.

How to print Admin Rx
Open case and click "print" in upper right corner.

If you have questions or need to speak with someone at Orthosnap, please reach out to us at

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