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How to Order a Retainer
How to Order a Retainer
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When your patient has finished the active part of treatment, a retainer can be ordered to prevent relapse (please note that while we recommend a retention system of some sort, you do not have to use a clear aligner from Orthosnap).  If using an aligner as a retainer, is important that the patient wear the retainer on the same 22 hour schedule as usual for the first few months and then changed to a “night-only” schedule.

In Orthosnap’s portal, first locate the patient and note the Action: Order Next Aligners: 

You will then be able to place another order, and specify if you would like Active steps, Retainers, or both (i.e. retainers at the end of the active steps). You can order retainers at many points in the middle of treatment, in case the patient needs to pause their treatment.

Then, Orthosnap would produce, ship and bill just the same as a clear aligner treatment. 

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