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How to Order a Continuation
How to Order a Continuation
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When your patient has almost completed the first set of aligners and is ready for the next set, it's time to order a continuation.

There are two places from which the process can start.

  1. From your dashboard, on the "At Office" tab, some patients will have a button on the right side for "Order Next Aligners"

  2. Or, if you are already on a specific patient's screen, there will be a similar prompt on the upper right corner of the page.

After clicking "Order Next Aligners" you'll be prompted to provide feedback to Orthosnap to specify any issues or special instructions, such as:

  • Feedback on how the trays are fitting

  • If you want to address or prescribe any specific tooth movements

  • If you want to adjust how many steps you want to order for the next batch

  • If there are any significant issues with tracking or compliance

  • Revisions to the treatment plan

  • Issues with IPR or attachments

  • Administrative updates: shipping address update, for example

And that's it!

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