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If you are new to clear aligner systems in your practice, you may not be familiar with the insurance codes. Please remember, there isn't a single procedure code for clear aligners and you must indicate that clear aligners are used.

Be clear and accurate about any additional charges beyond conventional treatment; the patient is responsible for those expenses.

For submission immediately after the first appointment:

D8660 - Exam/Malocclusion Evaluation

D0350- Oral Images/Scan

D0210- Full Mouth Series

D0470- Diagnostic Casts

Then, after the first aligner is delivered and attachments are bonded:

D7321 - 1-3 teeth Per Quad without Extraction (Alveloplasty)

D7320- 4+ teeth Per Quad without Extraction (Alveloplasty)

D8090- Comprehensive Ortho/ Adult Dentition

D8999- Miscellaneous code - Orthosnap

Please include all necessary information in your claim such as:

-Description of condition/class of malocclusion

-Type of appliance

-Reason for appliance

-Estimated total months of treatment

-Date treatment began

-Total case fee

-Indication of Phase 1 and Phase 2 (if multiple phases)

- Previous carrier payment information (attach the EOB)

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