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Getting Started in Dental Monitoring® (Provider's Guide)
Getting Started in Dental Monitoring® (Provider's Guide)

Technical setup instructions

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Dental Monitoring is an AI-powered tool and app that work to to scan the patients teeth to track orthodontic progress, compliance, and 130 other metrics like oral hygiene or cracked aligners.

There are an incredible variety of benefits to using this software with clear aligner therapy, which you can review in this article: Dental Monitoring® - Partnership Features & Benefits

In this article, we will explain how to get started using the device with your patient.

1. Doctor setup Dental Monitoring®

As an Orthosnap provider, your practice will be automatically enrolled. You will receive an email instructing you to set up a new password for future use on the Dental Monitoring site.

2. Enrolling the Patient in Dental Monitoring®

When a treatment plan (TP) is ready for approval, you will be directed to the Orthosnap portal and prompted to 'Approve TP' or 'Reject TP'.

You will then be asked if you would like to add Dental Monitoring to the patient's case. Please click "Send" (as seen below).

3. When to Schedule the Patient

You can schedule the patient when the aligners are received or even as early as when they are marked as shipped in the Orthosnap portal (leaving yourself some lead time to receive them).

Equipment Needed:

  • Orthosnap Patient Box with the patient's aligners

  • Dental Monitoring® ScanBox

  • An insert with Dental Monitoring® instructions

  • A handheld mirror

We’ll send the Dental Monitoring kit with the patient’s first set of aligners.

4. Aligner Insertion Appointment

On the day of clear aligner insertion, you'll walk your patient through the device setup and their first scan.

  • Make sure they’ve received an email from Dental Monitoring with their account information.

    • Note: this is why we ask for the patient's email address on case submission.

  • Ensure they have downloaded the Dental Monitoring app on their smartphone.

  • The patient should log in using the link in their email inbox.

5. Click "Start Monitoring" back in the Orthosnap portal.

6. Then show them how to do their first scan.

  • Bring them in front of the mirror so they can see what’s happening.

  • If they’ve scanned correctly, they can submit their first scan.

  • If the app tells them to move to the next aligner, ignore it. They’ve obviously just begun their treatment.

7. Home Instructions

Finally, provide these at-home instructions

  • Take your scan on the last day of the wear schedule.

  • After the scans have been uploaded, wait for instructions on how to proceed.

  • If the message is a “Go Notification”, you can then switch to the next step.

  • If the message is a “No-Go Notification”, follow the instructions from the Dental Monitoring team (whether to keep wearing their current aligners, use of chewies, etc.).

Each patient will get a take-home sheet, included in the patient box to guide them on aligner care and Dental Monitoring instructions.

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