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How do I check the status of an order?
How do I check the status of an order?

Check order status to see where your order is in manufacturing and find the shipping tracking number

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Congratulations, you have submitted a case! Now let's see how to check the status of the order and what happens next!

Start by logging into the doctor portal ( and click the Doctor Login button). If you don't have a login and password, please email us at with your name and practice name and we can help you login.

You will see the main "Dashboard" which displays any upcoming Tasks such as "Review and Approving a treatment plan":

Selecting "Patients" from the left menu allows you to see all your patient cases. They are grouped into cases that are at Orthosnap ("At Lab"), cases that are under your supervision ("At Office") and completed or canceled cases ("Archived"). You can also search by patient name in the search field in the upper left of the screen.

You can see the Estimated Shipping Date, as well as the current "Lab status" - Receiving, Treatment Planning, in Manufacturing, or in Shipping.

Selecting a patient case from this list will bring up the details, where you can find the same Order Status and Estimated Ship date information. Please note that the estimated ship date can adjust, either because we have not yet received approval, or we need to discuss something about the case with you before we can proceed.

And that's it, now you know how to check the status and estimated ship date for every order!

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