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How to Export STL files from my iTero Machine?
How to Export STL files from my iTero Machine?
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Before you Scan

Before starting to scan the patient, make sure you choose the option “icast” or “irecord”. This is important because if you choose the “Invisalign” option, you will not be able to export these files to easyrx.

Also, the computer must have orthoCAD installed.

Where are the Files Saved?

Once you have scanned both arches and the bite, the .STL files will be stored in ""

Log into "" or ""

This will take you to the orders page where your scans are.

Look up the patient and click on their ID #. This will take you to the order information page. Or you can just scroll down to your orders and click on the patient's ID #.

How do I export the files?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Export" (OrthoCAD 3.5 or higher). Now a study model will pop up and a box that says “OrthoCAD Export”.

  2. Export type: Choose the “Open Shell” option.

3. Data Format: Choose “File per Arch" (arches oriented in occlusion).

4. Folder Name: Change this from the number to the name of your patient so that when you save it, you know who it is.

5. Once you hit export, a window should pop up saying "Export Done"

Uploading STL Files to the Orthosnap Portal

Back in the Orthosnap portal, while you're creating a new patient order, there is a dedicated field where you can either drag and drop or upload the STL file required to submit the Rx.

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